If you are a new reader you might think this is a new blog or if you are coming here from an external link you might be irritated for not finding the expected content here.

Let me tell you that this blog was more than 4 years old with lots of content and traffic. However, due to my negligence my hosting went down and after the grace period my host provider deleted all my files.

I have got several question on Facebook regarding this and I’ll answer them all.

1) Don’t you check your site daily? You would have known instantly it went down.

A) I didn’t unfortunately for past 2 months.

2) Auto-renewal option?

A) Credit card expired and I got new card. Forgot to update account information.

3) Surely, hosting company would have sent you an e-mail?

A) Yes, they did. I had registered an alternative email id with them for notifications and forwarded the mail to my primary account. Everything, was working fine with Gmail’s multiple inbox till they released new tabs design. Missed this important mail because of it.

4) Hosts do backup your content.

A) Yes, they do have my back up, but they are charging me a lot to retrieve them.

5) What now?

Will be re-building the blog from scratch. Have taken long term hosting plan. Looking at cheap and easy backup like WordPress2dropbox plugin, etc.