Google pushes Lollipop update for Nexus devices in India

Finally,  nexus users have started getting notification for Android update. My Nexus 7 2012 edition has been updated while my friends 2013 model has also been updated. However, no mobile user has confirmed so far. Below is the screen shot

Make buying easy for your customers on your website

There is a huge boom of e-commerce websites in the emerging markets. More and more people are buying online and major companies like Amazon, NewEgg are trying to enter and take a share of pie. Many business owners are selling

Reddit planning to charge users for self promotional content

Reddit hates people submitting their own content. But what if these content are genuinely good and contribute to the subreddit? Faced with this dilemma Reddit asked the moderators for their opinion two months back. And they supported that self promotional activities should not

Can you tell me how to make money online?

Can you teach me please? I have stated blogging, how do I make money? Do you make money online? These are the questions that every person who earns online dreads being asked. These are not bad questions; but the way

Trying out Facebook PPC ads for affiliate marketing – Day 1

It was always my wish to get into PPC for doing affiliate marketing. Finally, I have decided to take the plunge. I have decided to try FB ppc ads as it is easier than Adwords, though it has slightly lesser conversions.

How to handle embarrassing situations

Let’s be honest. We all have been in an embarrassing situation that made us want to bury our head deep in the ground like an ostrich. Such moments make even the best social, extroverted persons lose their focus and makes

I was an idiot and why you should backup your site

If you are a new reader you might think this is a new blog or if you are coming here from an external link you might be irritated for not finding the expected content here. Let me tell you that